Wedding Crashing

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Bwog is all about faux matrimonies, especially ones that take place in the sandbox, but Low will certainly do. This year’s Hangama celebration, the mock Pakistani wedding hosted by Columbia’s Organization of Pakistani Students and NYU’s Pakistani Students Association, was sure to please. The groom from NYU sweeping in on horseback to meet his beautiful Columbian bride, Amirah Sequeira, CC’ 12, alongside the many other traditional wedding rituals (cake and dancing were present) provided more than enough excitement to fill a Sunday afternoon. There wasn’t as much free food as we would have hoped, but as one attendee remarked, you had to “give it up for the horse!”

Photos by Elyse DeWitt and Alex Jones

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  1. Daddy

    Disowning this hoe as we speak.

  2. I freaking love

    Amirah. She's such an inspiration

  3. !!!!  

    Literally in awe of Amirah. How can anybody be so beautiful?

  4. Anonymous  

    yeah, OPS!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    WAIT WTF IS THE POINT OF THIS?! Like it's FAKE so fake emotions, fake wedding ceremy, fake interest... don't get it peeps.

  6. breathe, son  

    the point? cultural exchange, community building and dare I say it.. fun?

    Most weddings aren't in totality a celebration of love. they're about pomp, show, enjoyment and community--especially if you're Pakistani/Indian.

    Now, this isn't the most intellectually heavy event you'll go to, but if you take that stick out of your butt enough to relax a little, you'll realize that not everything (esp cultural events) has to have strong intellectual grounding. Also, there was nothing fake about the excitement in the air and sense of community.

    To the good folk of the OPS: you guys did a great job. Keep it up, dudez :)

  7. Anonymous  

    just noticed: I totally said "give it up for the horse." I guess I'm famous and shit now.

  8. Anonymous

    Oh acha sala kutha... baat samajgaya! And the stick is in there because I have too much tutty in there and I needa dig it all out. Would you like to help saaf it :) ??

  9. Anonymous

    I wish I could marry Amirah Sequira

  10. Anonymous

    question: do they just casually all have wedding gear on the ready?

  11. Anonymous  

    answer: yes.

  12. damn  

    love love love that dress

  13. Anonymous  

    this is pretty legit

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