The Cain Excitement Builds…Or Not

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It’s almost time to start lining up for Herman Cain tonight—that is, unless you’re quick enough to snag this ticket on blatant display in room 616 (building unidentified). Clearly, someone has some Mad Men episodes to catch up on. Start a scavenger hunt through campus to find the Golden Green Ticket! No guarantees that it’s still there though, so MOVE FAST!

We like that they hastily inserted the "just realized"

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  1. Anonymous

    He is speaking in Low Library at 7.

  2. Anonymous  

    Uh no building name?

  3. Found!  

    Found! : 616 W 116th street

    It's still there because I have better things to do

  4. WIN!  

    Haha this made my day!

  5. Anonymous  

    people with tickets should all toss them down the trash chute so that no one actually shows up to the event except for a handful of CURs.

  6. Tired.

    If a conservative said something like this when a liberal came to Columbia, they would be crucified on Bwog. Thanks for having such open minds!! Really, you all are model citizens! Perhpas you would rather live in a country where only one political party was allowed to voice their opinion. Students who actually wanted to see him couldn't because tickets were sold out. Why take the opportunity away from those who do want to see him? What a pathetic thrill to waste a ticket.

    • 'voice their opinion'  

      *recite lyrics from Pokemon 2000


    • Closet Republican  

      As a conservative, I'm not surprised by this at all. Not only because Columbia is a campus full of leftists but I don't see how CUCR expects any more legitimacy with a speaker like Herman Cain. Look up a few smart conservatives (they exist!). Call up their booking agents: David Brooks, Peggy Noonan, Greg Mankiw, Kenneth Rogoff. For once in your time as a group: deliver some substance, not controversy!

      • well

        I agree with you about Herman Cain. I'm still not sure whether his ridiculous candidacy was intended as a joke. There are certain indications that it wasn't-- but so many indications to the contrary... The list of "conservatives" that you cite, however, seems contrived more for the approval of the liberal majority than for the purpose of stimulating real debate. I've hardly encountered a sentence by Peggy Noonan that didn't restate some popular consensus. As for David Brooks, the fact that his expressions of disappointment in Barack Obama a few months ago actually came as something of a surprise to many people aptly captures just how far he is from being any kind of expositor of a dissenting perspective.

      • Anonymous

        It's too bad Glen Hubbard would never speak to undergrads.

  7. Anonymous  

    So now that we've agreed that there are no conservatives worth inviting to our campus to speak, let's all take a step back and appreciate the fact that CUCR had the decency to invite Herman Cain, the Pokemon regaler/pizza man.

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