Pro-Life and Pro-Cookies

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Sweet ambrosia

Free Westside cookies are to be had tonight, in Hamilton 602, courtesy of Columbia Right to Life. They’re holding a talk entitled, “Pro-Life, Pro-Woman: A Feminist Perspective.”

According to Tess Murray, Treasurer, “Anyone who disagrees will have an opportunity to challenge [our guest speaker] at the end! We’re looking forward to a healthy dialogue and want to encourage people on both sides of the issue to come join in. And eat free cookies.”

Westside cookies from some godforsaken Blogspot blog

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  1. Anonymous  

    Those are some cookies that I won't be eating.

  2. Anonymous  

    Thanks for posting this Bwog! I know Columbia right to life is far from popular on this campus, but I hope my classmates won't write them off too quickly--it seems like they're really trying to start a productive dialogue.

  3. Anonymous  

    circle jerk!!

  4. hahaha  

    Barnard would have never put up with this

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