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With great power, comes great responsibility

In honor of the annual Days on Campus College Days celebration, the CCSC Campus Life Committee is showcasing various photographs of the Columbia of yesteryear, a screening of Spiderman, and providing tons of free snacks in front of the steps of Low right now. This day really couldn’t have gotten any better. Stop whatever you’re doing and go enjoy yourself.

Days on Campus 2080 Here We Come

There goes the Spiderman via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Vote for The Avengers  

    Vote so that Columbia gets a screening of Marvel's The Avengers before it's May 4th release date!

  2. they...  

    want us to.... to be... happy?

  3. Anonymous  

    are there tshirts?

  4. let's see if this works  

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  5. Anonymous

    Bwog, this was for College Days, not days on campus. Do you even go here?

  6. Anonymous

    this event had nothing to do with days on campus, it was for college days and in fact it was supposed to make you happy, but apparently bwog doesn't know the difference

  7. College Days NOT Days on Campus

    As a member of the CCSC Campus Life Committee, I would like to clarify that this was not a part of Days on Campus, which is for prospective students, but COLLEGE DAYS, which is a celebration of the University and is meant for the STUDENTS of the COLLEGES and NOT, and I repeat, NOT for prospective students. The events for COLLEGE DAYS are meant to build community. This year our events included an Activism and Diversity forum that looked into the activist past of the University, a rehash of JJ's Pub [what JJ's used to be] where we provided free and unlimited JJ's food, an outdoor Athletics Day event where we brought turf to Low Plaza and enjoyed a soccer tournament, and last but definitely not least, a Columbia in Film event which took place last night with the JUMBOTRON on LOW, where we featured Spiderman and showcased clips of movies that have been filmed on campus.

    Please be aware that these events are created BY STUDENTS FOR STUDENTS because we know how stressed we all are and that everyone loves free food and t-shirts....YAY!!!

    Hopefully, we can change the name of this week [College Days] because it unfortunately gets more confused with Days on Campus every single year. Unfortunate also is that the times of these events coincide, but this is somewhat unavoidable because we like doing things outside so we all can enjoy the weather. That being said, I am so happy that people enjoyed our events this year, especially the featuring of Spiderman. Hopefully our events continue to bring you guys out

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