2012’s CC Valedictorian and Salutatorian Announced

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It's almost here, 2012

Just in time for you to remember all the work you’re not doing right now, the top two students of the Columbia College Class of 2012 have been announced. According to Spec, Zachary Brill, a Chemistry major from New Jersey, scored the top spot, with Zachary Levine, an anthropology major from California, coming in as runner-up. There are all sorts of puns we could make about As and names that start with Z, but for now we’ll just say congratulations. Hopefully this news flash will inspire you to turn around, march over to Butler, and start taking a look at your syllabus.

Congratulatory picture via Wikimedia

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  1. ...  

    you spelled his name wrong. Zach Brill.

  2. curious  

    what was their gpas

  3. These guys  

    are both awesome! Congrats

  4. Anonymous  

    This post doesn't mention a school. Surely you meant to mention that this is only for Columbia College?

  5. Anonymous  

    Congratulations guys!!

  6. friend

    Zach Brill is awesome!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous  

    Congrats to both! They are two awesome and truly deserving individuals :)

    When do they announce the rest of PBK? And Latin honors?

  8. IDEA

    since a chem major wins valedictorian and valentini is in the chem dept, maybe he should be the Valentictorian?

  9. Anonymous  

    i think thats an awesome idea!

  10. Anonymous  

    zach brill is a really great guy so congrats to him.

  11. Yet another

    example of how CC-centric Bwog is.

  12. So...  

    Does salutatorian just mean hottest smart person? Because damn that boy is cute.

  13. HIS NAME IS  


  14. Anonymous  

    Anthro isn't a real major, so how come that kid can win Salutatorian?

  15. Curious

    Does SEAS usually announce similar top two sometime?

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