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We all know that tickets for SPEARS: The Gospel According To Britney sold out in about 54 seconds. Actually. People were pretty mad/sad/utterly baffled by it. In fact, they’ve been getting pretty…toxic…about it. Well, perhaps in direct response to some of these laments, more tickets for SPEARS are being offered. Starting this Friday at 1 pm, tickets for a new performance on Friday the 27th at 10:30 pm will be offered in person only (aka the Lerner ticket booth). Again, the tickets are free: the only price will be how long you commit to standing around the Lerner lobby to make sure you snag one. Skip your class! Skip your work! Judging by all the drama going on about the Mystery Of The 40 Available Tickets, people will be pretty feisty for these extra ones. We’re already predicting an insane line, so maybe start waiting Thursday night? And now, for your entertainment while you wait a few days, Britney at her finest:

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  1. Anonymous  

    The only thing "toxic" at columbia is the spec lol.

  2. anon  

    jesus christ, bwog. just for a moment, stop pandering to this show so damn much. the only other thing about which you've posted this passionately is the occasional campus squirrel sighting.

  3. AHHHH  


  4. Normally I'd agree, but  


  5. Never  

    have I seen such blatant manufactured hype.

    • Anonymous

      No surprise...Pat has it in with everyone from bwog. They'd be praising him even if he was showcasing a pooping squirrel.

      I suspect the review will be entirely biased as well. Heck, they've probably already let him write it.

      • anon  

        and once they do a review of the show, that'll be three posts for spears, whereas most campus productions don't even get one post. just a solid display of impartiality, bwog. keep up the good work.

      • Be that as it may....  

        I for one, would totally watch Pat 'showcase' a pooping squirrel. Especially if he sang about it.

        • Anonymous

          He did, it was called HARDCORE...and we all saw how terribly conceived that little thing was. What's the point of bwog advertising this show so adamently anyway when most of the tickets sold out through kick starter before the show even began rehearsing?? Great big jerk circle for pat and bwog.

  6. Anonymous  

    "prehaps in direct response"??!?!??!!! You knew all this bullshit was a stunt, Bwog.

  7. ya! riot!

    i heard pat isn't even doing a musical! Bwog and Pat are going to take all of the ticket sales and elope!!!!

  8. Anonymous  

    Isn't it possible that the reason that tickets sold out in 54 seconds wasn't because Pat and Bwog are manufacturing hype, but rather that people actually want to see this show?

    Isn't it possible that the reason Bwog is covering Spears over other productions is that it is genuinely an innovative idea that has (deservedly) captured a lot of attention on and off campus?

    And isn't it also possible that Pat gets this attention because he produces exceptional entertainment that literally brings the campus together?

    I get why others in the theater community might be hating in the same way candle manufacturers were when Edison invented the light bulb, but seriously, stop with the trolling and just make your own stuff better.

    • Anonymous  

      I was with you until the very end on that one...I kind of doubt this will be The Light Bulb, and the hype does seem to be (unnecessarily) manufactured (SERIOUSLY with this selling out in 30 seconds bullshit?), but Pat is a legitimately great human person and I'm confident he'll put on an amazing show. Even so, no need to put down other campus theater productions to lift him up.

    • C'mon, now...

      Tickets sold out in 54 seconds because there were no tickets available. People will come support their friends whether the show is new and innovative or super boring - any/every production that involves that many students would sell out of tickets in the first day when there are hardly any available, because parents and friends will buy them, quality of the show notwithstanding. Particularly if they're free.

      There have been many, many new shows and events just as if not more innovative as Spears - NOMADS puts up several new and boundary-pushing shows every year, not to mention CUPAL special projects. Maybe Spears will be great, maybe it will be terrible, but to say that it is not being given special treatment is just ridiculous.

      • Truth  

        Only about like 5 tickets were available for most nights. I don't know what the producers are up to, but their hype technique will only work if they release some of the tickets they're holding, or tell people they can get some at the door...

  9. Anonymous  

    wait... what is SPEAR?

  10. Anonymous  

    Spears sold out because Pat is reserving most of the seats for "industry" people.

    "Bwog: Are there going to be recruiters there? People checking you out?

    Blute: [pause] Yes, there are. That’s all I can say about that. "

    Spears is a self-indulgent thing attempt for Pat to launch his own career. He is using money intended to support student artistic to create a show that he hopes will get him an agent. Worse - they can't even see it.

  11. Anonymous

    He had sent a herald to Thrasybulus and inquired in what way he would best and most safely protect his ego. Thrasybulus led the man who had come from Periander outside the town, and entered into the Internet. As he scrolled through the comments, continually asking why the messenger had come to him from Cypselus, he kept trashtalking all the interesting people which he could see, and downvoting support, until he had pwned the best and richest part of the crop. Then, after passing through the place and speaking no word of counsel, he sent the herald away. When the herald returned to Cypselus, Periander desired to hear what counsel he brought, but the man said that Thrasybulus had given him none. The herald added that it was a strange man to whom he had been sent, a madman and a destroyer of his own classmates, telling Periander what he had seen Thrasybulus do. Periander, however, understood what had been done, and perceived that Thrasybulus had counselled him to ; with that he began to troll Bwog.

  12. Anonymous  

    See everyone at 1.

  13. Anonymous  

    WHY are you all trolling about his being self indulgent? As if it were some terrible thing to A) care about your own interests (oh my god!? what horror!) or B) That doing so would somehow hurt other people. Hey, if he was doing this show for no good reason, for someone else's reason, or for the "interest of the cumminty" (which is someone else's reason), I am sure he would not produce half as good of a result - not the same motivational drive. There are tons of students involved in the show too, who are all benefiting from Pats "self-indulgence" - by being a part of a very driven production! All I'm saying is just let the people striking out for new things do so for any selfish reasons - who knows, if we all cared more about our own desires instead of submitting to a controlling collective, we would all be writing innovative musicals! (or innovate whatever we are interested in)

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