We all know that tickets for SPEARS: The Gospel According To Britney sold out in about 54 seconds. Actually. People were pretty mad/sad/utterly baffled by it. In fact, they’ve been getting pretty…toxic…about it. Well, perhaps in direct response to some of these laments, more tickets for SPEARS are being offered. Starting this Friday at 1 pm, tickets for a new performance on Friday the 27th at 10:30 pm will be offered in person only (aka the Lerner ticket booth). Again, the tickets are free: the only price will be how long you commit to standing around the Lerner lobby to make sure you snag one. Skip your class! Skip your work! Judging by all the drama going on about the Mystery Of The 40 Available Tickets, people will be pretty feisty for these extra ones. We’re already predicting an insane line, so maybe start waiting Thursday night? And now, for your entertainment while you wait a few days, Britney at her finest: