Bacchanal: A Retrospective

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Loved Bacchanal and want to reexperience it?  Can’t remember what it looked like?  Missed it because you were too lame being stuck in Butler?  Have no fear, the crew caught it all in this handy thank you video.

In case you didn’t make it to the end of the vid, don’t forget Space Jam will be playing tomorrow in the Ancel Plaza (that EC/IAB area) at 8 pm.  Fly high, friends, fly high.

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  1. columbnus

    what song is this?

  2. That girl...

    The girl at 2:07 kissing the sax player on the cheek? That's why guys join bands. If they tell you any different, they're full of it.

  3. Retrospectively  

    The most unbelievable part of Space Jam was that MJ cared about anything other than money.

  4. Columbia?  

    That's a fine school Michael, A mighty Fine School.

  5. really columbia?

    this was upenn's spring weekend.... (i fucking hate tiesto but still)

    bassnectar? even though that would take something like selling off prezbo's mansion.

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