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When in doubt, choose C.

The results of last year’s survey of undergrads, courtesy of the CSA Assessment Team, went public tonight—and the numbers are overwhelmingly good. You can check out a more comprehensive summary here, or just skim our highlights as you halfheartedly Apple+Tab between Reddit subpages:

  • Of the 5,922 CC and SEAS students sent the survey link by email, 31% took the bait
  • 73% said that the CSA is “meeting their advising needs” and 78% would recommend their advisers to others
  • Only 51% said they’d turn to their adviser with “personal issues”
  • A whopping 96% said they like the CSA’s new digs
  • Choicest finding: “The name ‘Center for Student Advising’ connotes a hub of guidance and support”
  • 85% reported that their adviser is knowledgeable about the curriculum
  • Elusively, “some students expect quicker responses to emails”

Survey taking via Wikimedia Commons

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  3. Anonymous  

    This more than anything should make the argument for a stats requirement.

  4. What's the name

    for a Columbia staff member who teaches awkward male undergrads how to successfully go clubbing?

    A guy-dance counselor!

  5. Yoooo

    Where da senior wizdumzzz @@@@@

  6. Anonymous  

    I want to know how those questions were worded. Could a survey administered by CSA perhaps be biased in favor of pro-CSA responses?

    Indeed it could.

    • Anonymous

      Not to mention that the only people who felt compelled to fill out the survey were those who had a good experience with their advisors, the rest of us the deleted the email as soon as we saw CSA.

  7. Anonymous

    This is objectively false.

  8. Anonymous

    so basically we have no idea how the rest of the 7 out of 10 students feel...

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