CUIT Compromises 3500 SSNs

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This isn’t exactly a novel occurence, but CUIT compromised files which contained the “names, addresses, social security numbers, and bank account numbers” of members of the Columbia community. Oops!

How did this happen? “A Columbia University Information Technology programmer inadvertently and erroneously saved a file on a University web server that could be accessed from outside Columbia. Unfortunately, that file contained personal information of approximately 3,500 individuals.”

In what may be a clever attempt to avoid this sort of thing going forward, those “potentially affected by this incident are receiving a letter via postal mail.”

Didn’t Columbia already mess up once today?

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  1. Anonymous  

    wtf? postal mail?

  2. Anonymous

    Nice try, CUIT. Financial Aid cleared out that bank account years ago.

  3. Anonymous  

    you've got to be fucking kidding me

  4. gs '12

    i remember when cuit refused to help me when i had a serious hard disc crash - the guy told me to go to radio shack.

    now i understand what they do to earn their paycheck

  5. wow  

    not having a good day, are we Columbia?

  6. Anonymous  

    Protip: in Firefox (later versions), right click, choose Inspect Element, and click the 3D button at the bottom bar. Is so cooooooooool!

  7. MyLifeIsColumbia  

    Typical shitty administration fucking everything up. Hell get some fucken grad students to secure our networks they are most likely more qualified then whoever the fuck messed up and they will do it for free or minimum wage (as long as they can write it on their resume). Honestly as a junior comp sci major I am 100% sure I could handle this and I would never fuck up this badly at something so huge.

  8. Anonymous  

    Honestly having used a bunch of corporate networks I'm pretty impressed by CUIT. NINJa is a solid printing system, and the secure wifi is honestly quite impressive considering the density, age, and size of our campus. CubMail may be subpar, but they've offered forwarding for years and are rolling out LionMail.

    Obviously compromising 3500 SSNs is unacceptable, but let's not pretend that CUIT is some terrible organization of incompetence. There are plenty of aspects of Columbia that deserve that, but I'm not convinced CUIT is one.

  9. if this pertains to you...  

    my information was part of that. and i am currently in a witness protection program as part of an ongoing investigation and we know for a fact there were people trying to get our info.

    if you're reading this, please know that we are coming after you. you will be behind bars soon enough :)



  11. Anonymous  

    This is bullshit. We should be informed immediately.

  12. Eric

    In order to notify those affected, Columbia has posted a copy in 209. Please check and see if your SSN is on the list.

  13. junior  

    woo - maybe columbia gave out my SSN twice in three years!

  14. Anonymous  

    This is fucking outrageous. Not even worth it for that brilliant SSNafu pun.

  15. Anonymous

    I would like to know whether the file was "discoverable" as well as accessible. If it's just sitting in the web directory (so that you'd have to know it was there and type its exact URL) that's not such a big deal.

    Also, don't they have logs which document how many times the thing was accessed?

    • Anonymous

      I called Jeffery Scott's office today (his signature is on the letter) to ask some questions and was told to call the 877 number on the letter which is Human Resources. The arrogance of this university knows no bounds. I am going to call again tomorrow to ask the question posed by Anonymous. More of us need to call. I am surprised only 24 people have commented on the bwog about this story. The HR number to call is: (877) 634-9071; the VP in charge, Jeffery Scott, is at 4-6639.

  16. Anonymous  

    Where can i find out if I was on the list NOW!!!

  17. this is why  

    i pay my billz at the registrar in ca$hhhh

  18. aaannnnndd

    Students studying abroad will not be informed at all unless they happen to read Bwog in their absence? Is that what I'm hearing from 3,000 miles away?

  19. yewwww  

    ahahahahahah international students to the fore!

  20. former CUIT employee  

    CUIT sucks. so much. they are all SO LAZY.

  21. Anonymous  

    The info was indexed as a Google doc. for all to see basically. I think it went back to 2010

  22. cs major  

    CUIT is total bullshit. i know students who "program" for them, or answer the help desk, who have no qualifications, and literally dont know how to use their own computers.

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