Senior Wisdom: Aki Terasaki

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Next up, CCSC President, Aki Terasaki. Nominate seniors by visiting this page

Name, Hometown, School: Aki Terasaki; Newark, DE (but I tell people Tokyo, Japan because it sounds sexier); Columbia College

Claim to Fame: That guy who sends you emails at midnight on Saturday and then goes on to glow like a tomato for the rest of the night

Where are you going? To that great big place in the sky where all student body presidents go…(consulting, duh).

Three things you learned at Columbia:

  1. After your dean and provost leave, people take resignation emails really seriously.
  2. There is never enough time in the day to do everything you want, no matter how many punches you have on your Joe’s frequent coffee card or how much you rearrange your GCal. The important thing is to learn who/what requires your attention at any particular moment, and how quickly you can climb the Hamilton stairs because you’re late for class…again.
  3. Trying to please everyone will make you miserable. Concentrate on making yourself happy, and the rest will fall into place.

“Back in my day…” The pasta at Ferris was palatable, the chicken fingers at JJ’s came in spicy AND regular, and there was no Café East to supply my daily bubble tea craving. I also really liked food…that hasn’t changed.

Justify your existence in 30 words or less:

I’m a second-semester senior taking three classes and Body Sculpting. My existence is in constant need of justification, and my friends keep me grounded.  Also, my hair’s insured for $10,000.

Is the War on Fun over? Who won? Any war stories?

  • PC Version: Administrators and students have come to a mutual understanding of each other and can now work towards programming that will both support students’ desires for fun times and adhere to necessary structures that will keep us safe from harm.
  • Reality: A certain number of days before graduation at 2:12AM, the seniors took over Low Steps and no one batted an eye. Your move, Columbia.

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? The Japanese as a people are not so big on cheese. We do, however, have a thriving market based on the exploitation of people’s sexual fantasies and desires. That, plus this, means I’m sticking (no pun intended) with the sex for now.

Advice for the class of 2016: 

  • Read one Core text in its entirety. Become an expert. Be obnoxiously knowledgeable in class. For example, I devoured Hegel for breakfast, and I never looked back.
  • You don’t need a fake to have fun. Hotel bars are classy places to get trashy.
  • Haters gon hate. You are stronger than them.
  • Find people that you genuinely love, and don’t let classes, meetings, or practice get in the way of spending time with them.
  • Have an absolute blast…and remember, Alma (always) Matters.

Any regrets? I’ve actually given this one some serious thought (lots of what-ifs running through my mind 20 days before graduation). I would say I regretted coming out of the closet so late, but my pseudo-dates with girls before then have provided me with such great stories. Prime example (and juicy gossip), soon-to-be Prezbu and I had a conversation the other week where I said something like…“Remember that time when I took you out to Pisticci’s and paid for you, and the only thing you could talk about was that cute boy in your CC class?” So, yeah. That happened. No regrets.

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  1. v  

    we love you aki!!! you are incredible :)

  2. Anonymous  

    aki is the best!

  3. Anonymous  

    Read one Core text?! Really? I'm see no excuse for not reading most (if not all) Core texts in their entirety... Haters gon' hate.

  4. ....

    I am the person who said that Andrea Folds' Senior Wisdom was lacking any wisdom.

    I like this one!! At least he has advice!!

    I don't know either of them personally, but all I got to say is that I hope future posts will be like this one: actually interesting to read for people who aren't friends with the senior.

  5. Gay  

    Hm... yeah, pretty cute, and he looks like fun...... I'd hit it.

  6. Anonymous  

    sound smart > being smart

  7. Anonymous  

    I love Aki almost as much as mango-passion fruit margaritas, and that's saying a lot.

  8. TK  

    Imma let you finish, Aki, but, as a fellow half-Japanese gay guy, CHEESE IS THE BEST. #fromage4eva, #danglingmodifier

  9. Anonymous  


  10. authority

    douchebag confirmed

  11. fellow delawarean


  12. seriously?  

    bwog, is this seriously the only picture you have of Aki?

  13. This guy  

    looks like an Asian version of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Am I right?

  14. fan gurl  

    Aki I will be your pseudo-date anyyy day of the week

  15. Anonymous  

    i love you aki!! and i'm going to miss your emails next year :(

  16. Anonymous  

    Definitely agree with the "3 things I learned" answers. Awesome advice from an awesome person.

    By the way, Aki Terasaki is the coolest name in the world.

  17. Anonymous  

    Bwog, when does Phi Beta Kappa get announced?

  18. Bwog  

    Can we get some diversity up in here!!!?? These people are cool and all, but where are my lovely people of color?

    • Anonymous  

      are you implying that aki is not of color?

      • Anonymous  

        No hun, perhaps I need to clarify myself. I just want diverse voices, from people who have dedicated their time to communities of color on this campus. And while Aki has done council stuff and whatever else, I don't see him as representative of me or my experiences here at Columbia. So what I ask from Bwog is to see Blacks, Latinos, Muslims, Middle Eastern represented in their senior wisdom, that's all.

        • Anonymous  

          Chill out. There have been like 3 senior wisdoms.

          • Anonymous  

            Don't tell me to calm down, I made a comment to BWOG not you, to serve as a reminder that if they have not contacted people of color to submit their Senior Wisdom to go ahead and do so. I know how things tend to work here, they usually contact their friends and forget about the rest or when people send suggestions they tend to disregard it as "the angry people of color". If you want to continue this interesting conversation look me up, my name is Maria Lantigua, I can tell you a thing or two.

          • Person of color CC'12

            You have to be nominated. I don't know if it's three noms and you get asked to do one, or a one and done deal, but it has not been Bwog's policy to go up to specific people and ask them to do one. And of course, the person has to accept. I'm sure if you nominate some people of color, Bwog would be happy to send them a senior wisdom survey.

          • Sorry but  

            will you please SHUT UP. This is our HALF-JAPANESE, HOMOSEXUAL student council president. There is NO reason that this, or any other senior wisdom, cannot apply to you because the person interviewed doesn't match your skin tone.

            Things like this make me afraid of racism continuing headstrong into future generations. Get over yourself and learn to be more tolerant -- ignorance and racism go both ways.

        • Anonymous  

          actually andrea folds is hispanic

        • Anonymous  

          Jeez, he's not all about council. I first met Aki through Japan Society!!! :)

    • Wow  

      I do not believe either Aki or Andrea identifies as white. You may consider them "too white" to be "people of color," but I think that's pretty disrespectful toward them.

  19. Anonymous  

    Were all phi beta kappa inductees emailed today? I thought they wait until Class Day to announce that.

  20. For some reason  

    This guy pisses me the fuck off. That april fools joke sucked

  21. love you  

    loving you from afar aki!

  22. Charlie Dinkin

    Fellow WINner...you're so amazing!!! So much love!

  23. Anonymous

    I didn't know he was glad. I'm glad, I was a little worried Columbia had broken its streak. Seriously — I don't remember the last class president who wasn't a gay man. And I went here for undergrad too.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that. But there are gay women and straight women and straight men too. It's just interesting.

  24. curious

    is he a top or a bottom?

  25. Anonymous

    That fake resignation email wasn't even funny, why is he still talking about it?

  26. Anonymous  

    My best friend wants to marry you, Aki. He's cute.

  27. Anonymous  


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