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Bwog has been fascinated by the mysterious projections on Lerner and decided to do some real investigative journalism.  We sat down–virtually, to retain anonymity–with the elusive Projector People for a glimpse into the minds behind the madness.

Their handiwork

Bwog: How did you discover you could project onto the wall?

PP: With all due respect Bwog, have you ever seen a projector before? If you turn it on, it does that stuff by itself. It projects. Are you asking how we discovered we had a projector? It was a Lerner package center email notification. Are you asking how we discovered we had a good enough number for Hogan? That was also via the internet.

Bwog: How do you choose what to put up there? (i.e. How do you know when a rainbow stoner graphic is appropriate vs. a poster?)

PP: Rainbow stoner graphics are always appropriate. Posters, sometimes a friend calls in a favor. In such an irreverent medium, though, it feels really icky to earnestly endorse something, so we keep it to a minimum. When we started, it was just text.

Bwog: How do you decide how often to project? Is it a “we’re drunk, let’s project” thing? Is there a calendar?

PP: Of COURSE it’s a drunk thing! None of us have exciting social lives, though, so we only project once a week or so.

Bwog: Do you prefer the Dirty Projectors or Project Runway?

PPThe Gun Has No Trigger | The Other House

Bwog: Will you ever play videos or add sound?

PP: Sound no; to get it at a level audible from the street would definitely draw noise complaints and an RA visit. We try and avoid giving housing reasons to nab us. Maybe we should try setting up a sync’d internet multicast?

Or maybe we should try and get our shit together and do schoolwork so we can graduate.

Videos yes. Silent movies!

Bwog: Have you ever considered projecting cable TV shows and charging money?

PP: That’s even ickier than the posters! I think it would delegitimate the projections in a big way and in any case is probably illegal.

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  1. Anonymous

    the projector people sound awesome! bwog sounds dumb.

  2. can we make  

    "prezboner" a thing?

  3. Anonymous  

    What is a good projector to buy for a suite/ is it worth getting a screen?

    • Anonymous  

      I'm in EC exclusion next year and our suite is getting a 46 in LCD.

      Our reasoning- better to get a flat panel screen so you can use it at any time of day without drawing the blinds. The projector is smaller but no sound, and also the resolutions are whack for cheaper ones. The walls are not big enough to justify getting one.

      Screens can also be mad cheap- check ebay, they'll sell you a nice 42-50in LCD for about the price of a cheap projector anyways.

      We're all pooling our cash to buy it, and we'll sell it at the end of the year and split the return, or one of us will buy it off the others.

  4. Anonymous  

    its good to see someone but bwog in their place.

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