Bwog has been fascinated by the mysterious projections on Lerner and decided to do some real investigative journalism.  We sat down–virtually, to retain anonymity–with the elusive Projector People for a glimpse into the minds behind the madness.

Their handiwork

Bwog: How did you discover you could project onto the wall?

PP: With all due respect Bwog, have you ever seen a projector before? If you turn it on, it does that stuff by itself. It projects. Are you asking how we discovered we had a projector? It was a Lerner package center email notification. Are you asking how we discovered we had a good enough number for Hogan? That was also via the internet.

Bwog: How do you choose what to put up there? (i.e. How do you know when a rainbow stoner graphic is appropriate vs. a poster?)

PP: Rainbow stoner graphics are always appropriate. Posters, sometimes a friend calls in a favor. In such an irreverent medium, though, it feels really icky to earnestly endorse something, so we keep it to a minimum. When we started, it was just text.

Bwog: How do you decide how often to project? Is it a “we’re drunk, let’s project” thing? Is there a calendar?

PP: Of COURSE it’s a drunk thing! None of us have exciting social lives, though, so we only project once a week or so.

Bwog: Do you prefer the Dirty Projectors or Project Runway?

PPThe Gun Has No Trigger | The Other House

Bwog: Will you ever play videos or add sound?

PP: Sound no; to get it at a level audible from the street would definitely draw noise complaints and an RA visit. We try and avoid giving housing reasons to nab us. Maybe we should try setting up a sync’d internet multicast?

Or maybe we should try and get our shit together and do schoolwork so we can graduate.

Videos yes. Silent movies!

Bwog: Have you ever considered projecting cable TV shows and charging money?

PP: That’s even ickier than the posters! I think it would delegitimate the projections in a big way and in any case is probably illegal.