Pressure's on

Andrew Delbanco’s new book about college shows certain fields to be under pressure of becoming obsolete. (WBUR)

President Obama spoke at the University of Colorado about the rising pressures of student debt.  And got pizza at a local bar.  Here’s to hoping he stops by 1020 after Barnard commencement. (Denver Post, 9News)

Trey Ellis proves himself to be the hippest teacher at Columbia as he discusses the pressures that current entertainment–Girls and Damsels in Distress starring Barnard alum Greta Gerwig–face in being cool. (NYTimes)

Turns out all you really need is a little pressure on the right spot.  The G-spot was found on the cadaver of an 83-year-old.  We got grossed out too. (Vancouver Sun)

Pressure cooker for your brisket via Wikimedia Commons