Jimmy Wales is shocked too

Three US Secret Service men involved in a prostitution scandal are being forced out, while the service tries to regain secrecy.  (NYTimes, CNN)

Sudan has attacked recently-independent South Sudan in an attempt to “liberate” them and teach a “final lesson by force.” (Bangladesh News)

Dick Clark, American icon, passed away yesterday, prompting many to wonder if we’ll be stuck in 2012 without his guiding hand on New Year’s (Los Angeles Times)

Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction is under contention again.  Because we needed to be reminded of that. (Business World)

Someone turned Wagner’s Ring Cycle into a WWF cage match. In case a wildly ambitious production at the Met just isn’t good enough for you. (Art Info, HuffPost)

PrezBo appointed Paul LeClerc, former prez of the NYPL, as director of Columbia’s Europe Global Center in Paris. (Brian Connolly Press Release to students)

Your mental state personified via Wikimedia Commons