The root of all problems

You might have enjoyed some nip-slips at Baccha90s this weekend, but watch out when you move off Columbia’s campus. In Utah, you get taxed for showing some skin. (Time)

However hard you’ve been trying to do so in your Global Core lecture, you should consider getting bored more often. (The Dish)

The cop who pepper-sprayed the UC Davis protestors might have been “taking orders.” Sound familiar? (The Atlantic)

Despite the shock you feel when you remember that your parents had lives before you, there is nothing surprising about how swanky Michelle Obama looked at prom. (Jezebel)

The Colombian economist, Jose Antonion Ocampo, decided to step down from the World Bank presidency race. It’s looking like America’s bid for the World Bank will win… again. Maybe not so out of the ordinary. (Guardian.)

A guy walks into a B(e)ar: a cautionary tale. (HuffPo)


Paying attention in class via Wikimedia Commons