This is how Milano will deliver your keg

So you don’t go to a school where keggers at the local frat house are a weekend staple. In fact, you go to a school where kegs aren’t allowed at all. But for those of you who like to live life on the wild side or just, you know, live off-campus, there are a number of options for you to get in a keg stand or two before exams are over. As for slipping this little 160-lb barrel of beer past the security desk, that’s up to you. A tried and true method, though, is the blue bin bolt: put the keg in a blue bin like it’s your new mini-fridge, throw a blanket over it, and voilà—your very own keg-mobile.

Milano – (212) 665-9500
Price: $89.99
Selection: Varies, according to an employee, but currently Budweiser and Bud Lite
Delivery: Yes
Milano has even wheeled a keg right up to the Ruggles entrance. How’s that for service?

Morton Williams – (212) 666-4190
Price: $89.99 – $139.99
Selection: Budweiser, Bud Lite, Miller Lite, Yuengling, Rolling Rock
Delivery: Within 10 blocks
Tap pump included. Funnel not included.

Westside – (212) 222-3367
Price: $89.99
Selection: By request
Delivery: Yes
Westside was a little showy with their keg repertoire, insisting that they could get any type of beer with notice.

Fairway – (212) 234-3883
Price: “We don’t disclose that information over the phone”
Selection: “We don’t disclose that information over the phone”
Delivery: Yes
Fairway was very secretive about their keg dealings, but they confirmed they do in fact sell them and will deliver.

D’Agostino’s told Bwog they don’t sell half-barrel kegs, but instead insisted we check out their selection of mini-kegs. What is this, a kegger for ants?

Don’t forget to: call ahead of time, ask for a tap, return the empty keg the next day.