python: the way of the future

Sean Zimmermann reports from last night’s ESC meeting.

  • A intro programming course, ENGI E1006, will be added next fall. The class will replace COMS W1004 as the fundamental intro programming course for 11 of the 16 engineering departments, starting next fall. Unlike W1004, the class will be taught in the python programming language instead of Java. There will also be a new data structures class in python that will replace COMS W3134 as a follow-up to the intro programming class.
  • The council debated potential changes to the SGO, including increasing the size of the computer lab and loading the machines with more editing software.
  • VP Finance Frank Yin confirmed representatives from GSSC told ESC, CCSC, and SGA that they were unable to co-sponsor further events due to lack of funds. Yin said that their exact words were that they were “tapped out.” GSSC has told Bwog that they are not out of money, but that ESC had “graciously offered to increase their in-ratio co-sponsorship to cover the remaining requests for the year in co-sponsorships.” Yin explained that ESC did not offer to cover the missing funds, but rather the JCCC (CCSC, SGA, and ESC) agreed to fill the void left by GSSC so that no events would be adversely affected.
Creeping surprise via Wikimedia Commons