Days on Campus propaganda ft. flow chart arrows from the GSET Facebook page

Dean Awn’s announcement today of a very last-minute date change to the 2012 GS Class Day didn’t go over so well—now, a couple of GS students are planning to do something about it. Acronyms abound.

The self-described “new and self-explanatory activist movement” GS Equal Treatment (aka GSET) has made an announcement of their own:

“Due to the urgent renewed need to support GS seniors, GSET has decided to reveal the GS Equality Fund in advance of its expected summer launch. The GS Equality Fund is a senior fundraising campaign in the spirit of the Columbia College Fund, dedicated to leveraging the collective donation power of as much of the graduating class as possible. The GS Equality Fund will finance projects for GSET, GSSC and other groups that aim to reduce the unwarranted disparity between GS and other schools at Columbia. At least one of these small projects will take place before the end of the spring semester.”

Attempts to further investigate what exactly we can expect from the GSEF have thus far been fruitless—GSET’s Facebook page was launched on April 15 and their website is nearly bare, but for a graphic of Alma smoking a cigarette and drinking what looks suspiciously like a Cisco—but we’re nonetheless titillated, as always, by the prospect of sticking it to the man. And/or by the possibility of free tee-shirts, ’cause you never know.