Once upon a time (the 1930s), the Upper West Side’s Metro Theater played movies—the real, live kind that you have to buy a ticket for. Since then, it’s provided a roof for a brief foray into the “adult film” industry, a couple of big-shot cinema chains, and a host of legal kerfuffles and vacancies. But as the old adage tagline from one of the Mummy Returns posters goes, He will rise again.

According to West Side Rag, a Texas-based theater company will use the abandoned Metro Theater, on Broadway between 99th and 100th, to open its newest location. Sayeth their press release:

“Like all Alamo Drafthouse theaters, the Alamo Drafthouse at the Metro will provide food and drink service to your seat and will uphold its famously strict no-talking policy. The new theater is currently scheduled to open in 2013.”

Obviously, we have a few questions—what kind of movies? Also, “Alamo Drafthouse”? Most importantly, what kind of food?

Photo of the landmark via West Side Rag, via Metro Theater