Bears don't have to dance to be adorable

Bwog’s business reporter Renée Kraiem reports on tonight’s SGA meeting.

Tonight’s Rep Council meeting began a few minutes after 8 to accommodate the evening’s Town Hall, and ended a few minutes after 8:30 to accommodate the evening’s town hall, making it the shortest SGA meeting on record. Given the premium put on efficiency this year, this was kind of a big deal.

Without an administrative guest for the evening, the meeting began with announcements. They began on a high note, as VP Ferrari announced that all constitutional amendments had been passed by the student body with overwhelming approval, a result befitting the hard work of Ferrari and her committee.

Though an overwhelming amount of the student body approved the ammendments, a smaller percentage ran for positions on Rep Council, it seems. As such, applications for vacant positions on Rep Council will go up here tonight and will be voted on by Rep Council at their last meeting of the semester next Monday.

Want to give your blood, sweat and tears to SGA without the weekly commitment? Participate in Friday’s blood drive on campus, run by the Class of 2015. Come to the Barnard Hall lobby between 11:30 and 3:45 if you’re eligible. And, in case you haven’t noticed, there’s a big event going on at Barnard today: Lehman Lawn is Camp Barnard, and for $8 you can own your own shirt that proudly displays Millie doing something other than dancing for once.

Amid the end of year flurry of events, though, there was something else disorienting about last night’s meeting—in the best way possible, of course. Extensive rumination reveals that it was, in fact, a larger than normal group that changed things up a bit. Next year’s Rep Council-elect also attended last night’s meeting, and sat next to their predecessors around the table. The feel in the room was an exhilarating one, but also a little quieter than usual as it began to set in that some would not be returning to Rep Council net year. All the more comforting, then, was the reassurance that, after all, Senior Rep. to the Board of Trustees Maddie Provo is still. big. red.

Next week’s Rep Council meeting, the last of the academic year, will begin at 8 and host VP for Communications Joanne Kwong.

One of Millie’s offspring? via Wikimedia