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We all know that Columbians love to express their opinions, whether solicited or not. It seems that where we truly excel, however, is in compressing these opinions into 140 characters or less. Fearless world wide web explorer Bijan Samareh ventures into the depths of the avian jungle to bring you some of the most well-known, well-loved, and well-quoted Twitters that share Columbia as their muse. 

Fucking Columbia

The SMS actualization of every time you just have to shake your head and say “fucking Columbia,” whether it’s because you’re being woken up by a fire alarm at 5 in the morning, you’re trapped by the crush of people and lavender at the farmer’s market, or simply because you are at an Ivy League school in the middle of New York City. The big problems in life.

My Life Is Barnard

The snarky, bitchy, and brutally honest Twitter feed of a misanthropic Barnard student who is not afraid to call her classmates out on just about anything.

Lee Bollinger

What we imagine/wish PrezBo thinks on a day to day basis. Always topical, this Twitter feed delivers such accurate satire that we wouldn’t be surprised if it were PrezBo himself. As one Bwogger believed for a really long time.

Columbia Says

If you’ve been retweeted by Columbia Says, you probably know a thing or two about campus culture. This dry, outspoken feed focuses mainly on nightlife and Butler culture, but what’s really cool is that it often retweets funny musings by Columbia students.

Ivy League Bitch

If MyLifeIsBarnard were applied to the whole Ivy League, it would probably look something like this Twitter feed. Boasting 12,000 followers, ILB seems to be something every Ivy Leaguer can relate to.

Dean Awnsome

Similar to Lee Bollinger, this hilarious feed is what we’d like to believe the quirky GS Dean Peter Awn thinks about. Also, he occasionally throws in some criticism of the Columbia bureaucracy, which is always amusingly insightful.

Magnolia Tree

The Magnolia Tree on Lehman Lawn has feelings too, you know! And by feelings, we mean it likes to make tree puns and social observation about the garden community in which it resides.


Your favorite study spot is probably unified by your friends and a few regulars. Few of us are lucky enough to have it unified by a Twitter feed, however. Consisting of random funny news stories and “catalog room” (a name it despises) stories, be wary of doing anything tweet-worthy if this is your spot.

Anxious avian via Wikimedia Commons