An anthropological look at how our distant ancestors might've kept track of reminders.

The Knicks’ Tyson Chandler reminds us that one man’s weak defense is another man’s sweet new trophy—and also why it’s important to write acceptance speeches ahead of time. (NYDN)

Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson reminds us that there’s a difference between elaboration and fabrication on your résumé; we’re still waiting on that CCE workshop. (Daily Intel)

The J-School reminds us that good things come in threes: after non-profit newsroom ProPublica won two Pulitzers, its managing editor won a spot on the board. (Capital NY)

The universe reminds us to keep our chins up on Saturday night, literally, unless we want to miss the supermoon. (NewsFeed)

Jeremy Lin reminds us that being rich and famous is super awesome. Spoiler alert: it’s because he was gifted an exact replica of his jersey, made entirely out of fruit roll-ups. Yeah, we know. (BuzzFeed)

A closer look at Bwog’s secret diary via Wikimedia Commons