Worrying about childhood obesity may be all the rage now, but the first clinic to treat it opened at Columbia way back in 1930. (Newsweek)

Gac Filipac, a custodian at Columbia, spent 20 years taking night morning classes for a Classics degree from GS. On Sunday, he’ll finally graduate—with honors! Then it’s grad school application time. (NYDN)

Remember high school, when you’d have crazy house parties and your parents would be arrested for encouraging underage drinking? (NYT) Update: The parents got off easy. (DNAinfo)

One of the oldest and most prestigious “white-shoe” law firms in New York is collapsing spectacularly, leaving hundreds of lawyers without work and a handful of Columbia Law students without summer internships fellowships. (Above the Law, Dealbook, NYT)

Dinosaurs may have farted themselves to extinction, according to a new study from British scientists” who apparently have no manners. (Fox News)

Maurice Sendak, the acclaimed children’s author, passed away this morning at the age of 83. He’s where the wild things are now. (Colbert Report, NYT)

Image via Wikimedia Commons