Do Right And Kill Er'thing

Happy studying

So it’s finals times and you say you won’t be drinking? Yeah, we totally believe you. Just in case you want to—you know—live vicariously through our staggering prose, we bequeath unto you Drinking with Bwog: Finals Edition. Read responsibly!

If you’ve somehow managed to score a seat in the ref room, Bwog would shake your hand.  No matter which room in what library you’re in, though, please feel free to play along:

Dark Night of the Ref Room: The Drinking Game

Take a sip when…

  • A manic-eyed classmate storms through trying to find a seat
  • You see someone sleeping
  • You see someone on Facebook
  • You see someone watching Netflix
  • You encounter a TP’d toilet
  • Music is blasting out of someone’s headphone (two sips if it’s “Call Me Maybe”)
  • There are double the amount of beverages on the table as there are people
  • Girl in heels walks by
  • Your document doesn’t get sent to the printer
  • Cell phone buzz is heard

Take two sips when…

  • Someone starts crying
  • A pill and money change hands
  • Tablemate’s friends decide to stop by and chat
  • Math stops making sense
  • Your philosophy reading becomes heartbreakingly profound
  • A couple walks out of the stacks with mussed hair
  • Deantini gives you a snack
Finish your drink if…

  • PrezBo explodes
  • You think you actually totally understand whatever you’re studying
  • You’ve solved global inequality in your poli sci paper
Bwog’s county via Wikimedia Commons