fuck yeah

Freedom from Finals

For our final Thursday of the semester, Bwog is once again here for you.  Please drink with us in this final installation of this year’s drinking with Bwog.  Pour a little out for Spring 2012.

Maybe this weather is throwing you off, maybe you’re still in a daze from finals, so let’s make this clear: IT’S SUMMER!  (Unless you’re one of the unfortunates with a final tomorrow, in which case we apologize.  Read this again tomorrow.)  Now it’s time to kick back, relax, and forget about all those tests and papers.  Preferably, you want to get into summer celebration mode as quickly as possible.  We get ya.

You’re Tired: You’re probably exhausted from the last two weeks.  With this in mind, we advise caffeinated mixed drinks to really hype you up.  Try an Absolut Monster with a mixture of (you guessed it) Absolut and Monster.  Make it vanilla Absolut to really add to the taste.  If you’re truly stuck on a caffeine addiction from finals, get a cup of Joe and simply toss in some whiskey and brown sugar.  Recitations of Joyce are expected but unappreciated.

You’re Poor: Remember that ridiculous Four Loko fixation last year?  Wanna relive the glory days?  Four Lokos are still available at CrackDel, if in their less exciting, modified form—and they’re hella cheap!  Class it up by making sangria.  Take a grape Four Loko and add chopped fruit and pineapple and nectarine juice.  Tell your friends it’s been brewing for a while and cackle in delight when they drink it.  But honestly: this drink actually tastes good.

You’re Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free: This is not for the weak of heart but is definitely the fastest way to get your spirits high up after this week.  In honor of Mariano Rivera, a man who can truly take a hit, envision yourself as a star pitcher and strikeout your opponent.  All it takes is one beer, one shot of your choice, and a little help from your friends.

Lady Liberty via Wikimedia Commons