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Housing Reviews 2012: University Apartment at 514

And the Living is Easy

UPDATE: The University Apartments will NOT be part of the standard summer transfer process. Summer transfer will still be available for the buildings in the housing lottery, and the apartments will only be populated in the event that there is overflow. You won’t be able to pick into them; Housing will elect how to place people into them if they are needed. Sorta like last year.

Location: 514 West 114th
Nearby dorms: Ruggles is right next door. Broadway is down the block and River is across Broadway. Watt, McBain, and Nussbaum are also just around the corner.
Stores and restaurants: Strokos is down the block and Artopolis is next door from there along Amsterdam.

Cost: $8, 210, high price, but less than many other Apartments.

Bathrooms: At least one in each apartment.
AC/Heating: Heating, no AC, but a unit can be installed in the rooms easily.
Kitchen/Lounge: Each apartment has its own kitchen and it is enormous. Two countertop spaces span the walls. Many of the apartments have dishwashers.
Laundry: The laundry facilities are located in the basement. They take coins and the fare is standard, $1.25.
Computers/Printers: No printer in the lobby, but you are a hop, skip and away from Butler.
Gym: There’s no gym.
Intra-transportation: One elevator and a stairwell. The elevator is relatively slow.
Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi and ethernet.
Hardwood/Carpet: All floors are hardwood.
Facilities: Because UAH houses non-Columbia residents, it has its own maintenance crew that gets stuff done fast. They clean the bathrooms once a week. 

Room variety:
• Singles that range in size. Most are around 180 square feet.
• In addition to singles for both residents, there is a living room, dining room, bathroom, and a couple closet spaces tucked in the apartment.
• Long windows are everywhere in all the rooms. Some of the walls are mainly composed of them. Even if facing the “shaft,” it is a nice view.

Available for Summer Transfer.

Bwog recommendation:
• It is quite possible that this is the biggest apartment you will ever live in during your time in New York City with the perks of proximity to everything on campus as well a sharp maintenance crew. The amount of space is absurd for such a reasonable price. You feel like you’re living in a real apartment because you are.

Resident opinions:
• “I love this place more than anything. It is beautiful and I can use the tremendous space for anything I want. I’ve collected furniture and just put in the house, put up my work. The kitchen is great and I cook anything. Maintenance has been wonderful. One time someone broke one of the living room windows and Maintenance came in, asked no questions, and fixed it. I feel Columbia Housing isn’t too kind about those things normally so it was much appreciated.”

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous what the fuck

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous omg, i want it!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous What is the procedure to try to get one of these?

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Sexy time with Prez Bo is the only way

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous I go on bwog because I hear noises outside but i am too lazy to go to it, yet there is nothing covered.

    BWOG y u no cover?

  • dear han and dave says:

    @dear han and dave i love reading the new york times book review too!

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Open these back up to Columbia undergrads now!

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Digging the real couches. Are those provided?

  • Confused says:

    @Confused Is this going to be a new undergrad dorm? Grad? Summer? Why is this on Bwog right now?

  • cc13 says:

    @cc13 WAIT when did they say they weren’t part of summer transfer? they were an option when i filled out the form yesterday?!

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