The semesterly tradition of filling Butler 209 to capacity happened last night, and for all those who missed out on the swampy experience (the B.O. levels rivaled Butler 409) we present a short collection of thoughts, observations, and Instagram-y photos cobbled together at a surprisingly empty 1020 (thank you Lit Hum and CC finals!). 

The crowd started gathering around 11:30, and shortly thereafter otherwise peaceful Butler-ites started climbing tables and bookshelves to get a prime viewing spot like it was an overcrowded music festival. The initial dead poets were quickly joined, and for a period of time 209 officially had more people standing on things that weren’t the floor. The oppressive Public Safety presence was visibly impressed by the noble and dignified actions of the future leaders they’ve sworn to protect.

Bags of potato chips and maybe a flask or two were passed around among friends as a light chant—”Paddy’s Pub! Paddy’s Pub!—echoed from somewhere in the middle of the room. We’d guess that wine may have found its way into some cans.

A bit past midnight the band proudly marched into the room, and all agreed that what our band lacks in rhythm and polished technique, it more than makes up for in authentic nonchalance and showmanship.

We’re posting the full transcript below, and so we won’t bore you with a blow-by-blow when you could fill in sleep deprived laughter after nearly every sentence.

Guys were, in every instance, better targets of humor, as jabs at Barnard girls or vaginas often fell into a medley of belly laughs and groaning conversation. In the third “stanza,” “movement,” “act” or whatever you want to call it, Rich noted the rites of passage for each school:

Rites of passage mark the most important times in our lives. Like when they hand CC students the Iliad, or SEAS kids their beanies, or Barnard girls their rape whistles.

Audible dissatisfaction clued the observant audience member into the fact that Midnight Breakfast probably wasn’t well attended this year… A nearby women stage whispered, “What the F!” Her companion was quick to calm her, saying “Just don’t worry about it. They’re just having fun.” The original objector shook her head, and asked in disbelief, “So, SEAS kids don’t really wear beanies?”

Among the range of topics covered by CUMB, the CUCR drama was particularly near and dear to us at Bwog. Although their recap was spot on and hilarious, the highest moment of hilarity came after the first time Rich spake the word “CUCR” when someone shouted “FUCK THEM!” A hearty round of applause was followed by the CUDems Board chanting “CU Dems!” which prompted even louder booing and jeers. Justice? Revenge? Maybe they’re jealous of all the attention, who knows?

In the end, Orgo Night was an uproarious success, and congratulations need be extended to CUMB for a great kick off to Finals Season.

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