The sun sets on another glorious year

Yesterday was the final day of classes and with that teachers everywhere did their best to be inspiring and really leave a mark on their students.  You may not remember everything Hegel ever said, but you will remember that one time your teacher said something that completely changed the way you look at the world.  Or when they just gave up and used a curse word.  With love for our teachers in our hearts, we give you just a few overheard Closing Remarks, to whet your palettes. Leave your contributions in the comments!

Stuart Firestein, FroSci: “Now, I’m not trying to particularly challenge you guys, but this is a question I asked real scientists.”

Peter Awn, Islam: “I have to be at least slightly pedantic in my last lecture.”

Evan Neely, CC: “I know it’s the last class, I’ll come up with some inspiring conclusion by the end.”

James Zetzel, Latin Linguistics: as he hands back papers, “I hope no one is allergic to cats.”

The beach Bwog wishes we were now on via Wikimedia Commons