… and not with rigatoni alla arrabbiata.

The Italic Institute of America filed suit Wednesday against Columbia’s Italian Academy (formerly housed in Casa Italiana) for failing to promote serious scholarship of Italian-American history and focusing instead on “stereotypical subsets of Italian-American culture,” according to the NY Post. The plaintiffs claim to be descendants of the people who originally donated money to get Casa Italiana built.

Rather than demanding money from Columbia, the Italic Institute is asking that the program be restored to encompass the founders’ original vision. The descendants of several original donors to the program played an integral role in the filing of this suit.

Notably, the lawsuit says that 20,000 volumes of literature that had been stored at Casa Italiana are now “collecting dust in the basement” of Butler, which helps to shed some light on what exactly the Butler basement is used for.

Reminder of how justice looks via Wikimedia Commons