Like this, but a magazine

Personally, we think it’s better when college magazines start blogs. But you know those NYU kids.

From the Observer:

NYU Young Media War Rages On: The young folk of NYU Local—the pirate NYU news publication/blog, as opposed to the officially-mandated NYU publication, Washington Square News—is going to wage further war on its rival by putting out its own print publication. It’s going to be called NYU Local Magazine. The scrappy youths at NYU Local have sold us on it as follows:

It’s going to be a mix of guides to life at NYU (A guide to smoking pot in your dorm room written by a former R.A.), some long profiles of NYU students and New Yorkers (Rapper Cakes Da Killa), and there’s some servicey content of stuff that we think NYU students need to know (Where you can drink with and without a fake id). Essentially, now we’re the most exciting print publication at NYU too.

So head on down to Bobst (that’s their Butler, which we are apparently allowed into) and pick up a copy. Or just get your fill of NYU hate from celebrated New Yorker Fran Lebowitz:

I don’t love NYU. I didn’t hate it before. I just never thought about it. It’s not of interest to me. And it really should be stopped from being called NYU, because it really has nothing to do with New York…The worst thing about being around these people, about these students, is overhearing their conversation. For that alone, I walk around my neighborhood in a constant rage, thinking I want to say to them: No, no you’re not. NYU should move out of New York.