This is what Haans Galassi cannot do with his hand

A team from Chicago is trying to make your procrastination a tad more intellectual, with a side of creepy. For the low price of $9.99, you can now scroll through hundreds of images of Einstein’s brain from the convenience of your table in Butler. (Business Week)

A 6.2-magnitude earthquake rocked Baja California yesterday. Reports have not confirmed an official injury or death toll,  but the peninsula appears to still be attached to the continent. (Washington Post)

Next time you’re on a lake in Idaho, tell Haans Galassi if you discover his other three digits. He’ll probably say, “Let me guess, they found my fingers in a fish.” (Boston Globe)

Students in more than 50 New York City public high schools can receive Plan B as part of an initiative to lower the city’s teen birthrate. The measure is not without backlash from concerned parents, but since it’s been four years, it might be too late to pull out now. (WSJ)

Finishing a morning drink via Wikimedia Commons