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Harbingers of independent women

Judging from the “32 of your friends are talking about Michelle Obama” item on our newsfeed last night, she totally killed it at the Democratic National Convention while her husband and daughters watched from home. (CNN, Twitter)

More information continues to come out about Tom Cruise being weird.  This week we get the exclusive creepy story of a woman who auditioned to be his wife. (Vanity Fair)

Griselda Blanco, Godmother of Cocaine, was murdered in Medellin, Colombia–in an assassination style she had invented. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

A man in Russia hired a film crew to stage his own death before hopping up and proposing to his girlfriend, prompting women everywhere to say “why?” (Orange News)

A super unnecessary taxi-hailing app is now facing legal issues.  Well this story has no women in it, so here’s some gratuitous Beyonce. (NYTimes, Gawker)

The greatest musical act of all time via Wikimedia Commons