Don't forget a pen!

Bwog is officially back from break, just in time to hold your metaphorical hand during the first day of classes. In the spirit of learning, we’ve rounded up these elements of a multidisciplinary approach, demonstrated outside the traditional classroom:

Kanye uses the Socratic Method to discuss the title of his his new song, “Perfect Bitch.” Kind of. At the very least, he uses a lot of question marks. (Vulture)

New York’s history can be objectified, in 50 parts. Those objects can be subsequently deconstructed. And so on… (NYT)

People lit a bunch of things on fire at Burning Man; it looked awesome. We’ll go ahead and file this under “science.” (Buzzfeed)

Electric Zoo takes [insert Music Hum term here… if you remember one] to the next and most neoniest level. Now you can relive it from the comfort of your bed a dimly lit Pupin classroom. (Rolling Stone)

An important lesson for students of any discipline: always remember to check your answers. (NYPost)