Late last night, four people were shot outside a local business in Minneapolis, prompting some to question when the recurring nightmare of recent shootings would be over. (Wall Street Journal)

The man behind the inflammatory anti-Muslim video that caused so much recent strife has been arrested, but not because of the film. Or at least, nobody will say it’s because of the film, but it kind of feels like it’s because of the film. (CSM)

An intelligent, moderate liberal and conservative recently sat down to have a real talk about Obama. Few could be convinced the event had actually occurred. (NYT)

Columbia will be making the dreams of many more people come true with a new prize for theatre in honor of Ted Kennedy. The reaction of students was questioned, but could not be discovered because too many of them had never heard of the theatre department. (Playbill)

Last but not least, some members of Ahmadinejad’s entourage had their dreams come true when they visited New York and got the chance to visit a Payless. They still felt the shoes were rather expensive, prompting the question: why aren’t we shoe-shopping in Iran? (NY Mag)

Uncomfortable poses via Wikimedia Commons.