Columbia was the original Blue Ivy

With the hard decision of choosing a name for their child long past, Beyonce and Jay-Z have turned their attention toward politics. President Obama does some naming of his own, referring to the celebrities as “Jay and Bey.” (Washington Post)

Columbia reaffirms its status as a top research university by adding the comic archive of the author of the “X-Men” to its collection. Batman now feels slightly less special but is expected to welcome the company. (WSJ)

The collective groan of 350,000 Chicago-area students rose as the Chicago Teachers Union ended its seven-day strike. (Chicago Tribune)

Meanwhile, Americans are heftier than ever. Experts predict that all 50 states will be able to boast of obesity rates of above 44% by 2030. (RTT)

On a happier note, scientists recently published a study that recorded the 3-D movement of sperm with a light-sensing chip. Note: The term “sperm biologist” does exist. (Scientific American)

Fierce Mama via Wikimedia Commons