This will be you

Bwog wonders: Why does all of the free food these days take the triangular form of pizza? Whatever happened to the good old (read: kind of few and far between) times when there was free sushi? Still, we’re not ones to sneeze at a free dinner, so make your way to Lerner 569 at 7:30 pm, where CU Dance Marathon is hosting an info session. For the freshmen/people who don’t like to dance, CUDM is exactly what it sounds like: you dance all day and all night long somewhere in Lerner for a good cause.

The meeting will feature the ubiquitous pies and, somewhat more excitingly, line dancing lessons. In case you had to look it up like we did, this is what line dancing is. Get ready to get your macarena on.

 Greek line dancing extravaganza via Wikimedia Commons