Update: A commenter says that FTFs are actually part of LionLink, not ARC. We’re not sure the distinction matters, but there you go.

Bwog’s new ESC correspondent, Aria Sharma, files this report from a relatively quiet meeting last night.

  • New E-forms: Siddhant Bhatt, VP of Finance, introduced ARC (Accounting and Reporting at Columbia), a financial new system that’s being implemented across the university—from administration to student group accounts. A major component of ARC are new expenditure forms called Financial Transaction Forms (FTFs). Unlike E-forms, which are used in the current system, FTFs won’t require a signature on a physical form. Instead, approval will be granted online, which will hopefully allow groups to get their expenditures approved more quickly. Currently, only CCSC and ESC are using the new system, but Bhatt said that the FTFs will be introduced at Club Recharge this Friday.
  • New Dean: ESC announced the composition of the Dean Search Committee: six SEAS faculty members, two other faculty members, two student representatives (one each for the undergrad and grad student populations), Raymond P. Daddazio (the current Chair of the Board of Visitors), and Provost Coatsworth (who will chair the committee). Until a permanent Dean is found, both Dean Goldfarb and Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs Soulaymane Kachani will be managing student life issues.
  • But no new website: ESC is currently without a website, as the alum who owned their last domain closed it down. Updates to the student body will be given through Facebook until they get a new site.