As everyone reading this already knows, Bwog adopted some major design changes yesterday, and we’re interested to hear your thoughts. We do genuinely want this website to best serve the Columbia community in our traditional fashion, and a part of that is constructing a website that people want to look at and use. So, please, leave a (well-thought-out and constructively critical) comment below, or email us at

Our thoughts so far:

  • We’re still thinking about function over form: bugs, broken links, and small changes that will make a big impact.
  • We chose the white background for a variety of reasons, but kinda miss the dark blues. It was characteristic of Bwog, and easy on sleep deprived eyes. We’re thinking about having two themes (light and dark) that you could toggle.
  • More stuff on the sidebars: Twitter streams, highly voted comments, random facts from WikiCU?
  • Comment sorting by upvotes?

Our tech team is going to grumble about their growing “To Do” list, but we’ll keep them liquored up and well-fed.