Gabby Kozlowski CC’13 streaks towards goal

Bwog is bringing back a series of interviews with standout athletes on campus. Last semester, we caught up with track star Kyle Merber and tennis sensation Nikki Bartnik.

This week, Bwog sat down with Field Hockey’s Gabby Kozlowski, hoping unlock the secrets to her outstanding career and see how the girls handle all those sticks and balls (jokes).

Hailing from Voorhees, NJ (right outside Philadelphia), Kozlowski was a four-time state champ and regional All-American before stepping onto Baker Field.

After being named Rookie of the Week as a freshman, Kozlowski went on to set the single season record for goals in her sophomore season with 16 and was unanimously voted to First Team All-Ivy League. Kozlowski followed up her stellar sophomore year with another unanimous First Team All-Ivy League selection last year, leading the team with ten goals over the season. Now a senior, Kozlowski shows no signs of letting up, earning her second career Ivy League Player of the Week honor after scoring a combined three goals and tallying one assist against Bucknell and LaSalle two weeks ago.

Catch Gabby and the rest of the Field Hockey (5-2) girls in action on Sunday at 1 pm at Baker as they take on Fairfield.

Bwog: Explain your sport in thirty words or less.

Gabby: Sticks, balls, short skirts, high press don’t stress, 5k, two-minute drills, 100% day, flow drills, skeleton passing, competition day, attention to details, find a way.

Bwog: Do you have any good luck charms or rituals you practice before your game/match/race/meet?

G: I don’t think what headband I wear is going to change an outcome of a game, so I don’t really have any pre-game rituals. I will re-do my hair a million times in the locker room: look good, feel good, play good.

Bwog: Describe your greatest sports moment, and then your most embarrassing.

G: So far, I’d have to say breaking CUFH’s single season goals record my sophomore year was a pretty awesome sports moment. The feeling of being a senior on such a great team is also a pretty amazing. Every game and practice matters so much more because it’s basically the last time you’ll be doing it.

My most embarrassing would probably be when I got yellow carded twice during the Rutgers game in 2010. One of my best friends from high school plays for the team and obviously I really wanted to beat her, so I guess I started playing a bit dirty. Not one of my best games, and we didn’t win. Fortunately we get a rematch this season.

How is life like your sport?

In field hockey and in life I constantly ask myself WWCMBFD before making important decisions.

Tell us about the worst sports metaphor you’ve heard from a coach.

My high school coach always used to tell us that if we tied it was like French-kissing your sibling. I’m an only child, but I still think that ties are really repulsive.

Can you describe the dynamic between the Men’s and Women’s teams? Do they get along?

Obviously we don’t have a men’s field hockey team at Columbia, but I think there is a good dynamic between the women and men’s teams in the athletic department. Athletes tend to really understand each other because we all have to balance the athletic and academic demands of going to Columbia.

Gabby Kozlowski via Columbia Lions