Girls rock and so can you!

Do you like music and/or revolution? Sick of Psy Gangnam style? Maybe you should be
listening to some riot grrrl. Today at 4:00 the Columbia University Institute for Research on
Women and Gender (IRWAG) is putting on a free outdoor concert featuring a small handful
of riot grrrl acts and students from the Willie Mae Rock Camp for girls in Avery Plaza (in
front of Schermerhorn) to start off their 25th anniversary celebration.

Don’t know the first thing about Riot grrrl? Bwog has you covered.

Riot grrrl, according to a favorite Columbia research source (Wikipedia) is an “underground
feminist punk rock movement” that originally started in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to the
music, which is essentially the feminist response to the male-centric punk scene of the 1970s and
80s, riot grrrl incorporates zines, DIY culture, art, and activism.

Don’t know the first thing about zines? That’s okay too.

Barnard’s library contains its very own zine library that’s maintained by aptly
titled Zine Librarian Jenna Freedman. In essence, a zine is a self-published little
magazines that can either feature very personal content, music reviews, interviews, creative
writing, or anything along those lines. Yesterday Freedman hosted a zine presentation
highlighting various groups from the heyday of riot grrrl in the 1990s and comparing the DIY
aesthetic of the zines to the very raw sound of the music.

In order to start your afternoon off right with a little riot grrrl, this bwogger pulled together a short list
of riot grrrl bands and songs to keep you awake in your Chemistry class listen to on the way to

Bratmobile – “Gimie Brains”
Bikini Kill – “Rebel Girl”
Team Dresch – “Fagitarian and Dyke”
Jawbox – “Savory”
Cub – “Nicolas Bragg”
The Butchies – “Send Me You”
Le Tigre – “Deceptacon”
Tattle Tale – “Glass Vase Cello Case”
The Gossip – “Standing in the Way of Control”
Sleater-Kinney – “Modern Girl”
Julie Ruin – “I Wanna Know What Love Is”