Proud panda parents!

Tween girls everywhere breath a sigh of relief as Robert Pattinson forgives Kristen Stewart for her cheating “trampire” ways. Faith in true love has been restored once again. (The Sun)

Lock your doors and bar your windows! The number of wild wolves in America is on the rise, prompting the government to legalize wolf hunting in multiple sections of the U.S. (Washington Post)

Now that you’re thinking of hunting wild beasts, check out this adorable panda mom and her new baby, born last night at the National Zoo. (NBC)

“American Idol” struggles to stay on DVRs across the country by attempting to sign every celebrity humanly possible. Following the departure of Steven Tyler and J. Lo, Nicki Minaj and her impressive assets join the “Idol” judging panel. (MTV)

Last but definitely not least, Columbia’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders brings much needed help to a Uganda community through a Multifunction Platform Engine. (National Geographic)

Panda party via Wikimedia Commons