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Bwog has just received word from the heads of the Students Support Barnard Workers group that UAW Local 2110, which has been struggling and fighting back over major cuts in basic benefits, has reached a tentative agreement with Barnard.  The students were contacted by the president of UAW Local 2110.  To comment, the Local office confirmed that a “tentative agreement” has been struck.  A “vote to accept the contract” will be happening “sometime Friday.”  In response to this news, there will be a celebratory rally tomorrow afternoon.

We will be updating with details on the event and the contract itself as they come.

Update: The Students Support Barnard Workers Group has released the following statement:

“The members of Students Support Barnard Workers are excited to congratulate the workers of Local 2110 on their tentative agreement with the College! This big victory is yet another example of a community coming together to fight back against injustice and winning. While the proposal has yet to be approved by the union as a whole, we are excited that the administration backpedaled on the ridiculous cuts they were trying to force upon the people who make Barnard run. To learn about the details of the contract and discuss plans for continuing student-worker solidarity, join us at 3:30pm Friday at the main Barnard gates.”

Details about the victory rally can also be found on its Facebook page.


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