Alas, poor Civility!

Foxconn is vehemently denying that its workers are striking at the iPhone 5 factory in China. This is a wise move on Foxconn’s part to save face for Apple and to avoid rioting. However, econ majors will soon realize that the iPhone 5 is turning into a Veblen good. (Huffington Post)

Depression and suicide rates have soared after Starbucks junkies were refused their Pumpkin Spice latte fix (or so Bwog speculates). Starbucks ruefully announced a shortage of this iconic drink. Bwog editors are holding protests in front of Lerner as a result. (WSJ)

Apparently, getting a needle stuck in your back is not bad enough. Cases of fungal meningitis are popping up after doctors unknowingly injected patients with a tainted back pain analgesic. (NYT)

Our favorite pre-cancerous orange Tanning Mom, Patricia Krentcil, has challenged Octomom (Nadya Suleman) to a…boxing match? Bwog has its bets with Tanning Mom for having skin that makes the Titanic hull look like cardboard. (Huffington Post)

Hulk Hogan has confirmed he is much better in the ring than in bed. His leaked sex tape (NSFW) makes Octomom’s fumbling attempts at porn look like an AVN winner. (Gawker)

Humankind’s demise  via Wikimedia Commons