The inspiration for today’s theme is brought to you in part by John Jay Residence Hall’s three fire drills this morning: 

John Jay ablaze with the invisible flames that set off fire alarms this morning.

Is your dorm ablaze? Need to escape? First read about the esc key’s creation and then evacuate the building. (Youtube, NYT)

There was a consensus among John Jay residents this morning that being electrocuted for 72 hours, like our friend David Blaine does in his new act, would have been less painful than being awoken at 6:40 am. (Gawker)

Burn baby burn! Nine calorie-burning fall activities that are then offset by calorie-consuming fall activities such as eating a bag of Westside Market cookies. (Huffington Post)

These ladies (and one gentleman) are on fire! Surprisingly, not one of these thirty most stylish people from fashion month is sporting the retainer and flannel pajamas look that so many JJ residents were this morning. (Nymag)

 Probably a good 90% of the building slept through the alarm via Wikimediacommons