Want to take a break from studying for midterms?

One of the hallowed traditions of our Ivy brethren has come to an end. Yale coordinators have cancelled future Safety Dances after paramedics transported 8 students to hospitals in the aftermath of the annual event. (Yale Daily News)

New traditions are only beginning at Cornell, though, as a pornographic video shot in its engineering library recently surfaced. No comment on if Butler Library has officially started shooting its own in response. (IvyGate)

Meanwhile, Suzie the poodle rode 11 miles in the grille of a Toyota before she was rescued. With only a mild concussion and a missing tooth, Suzie sustained minimal injuries. (Boston Herald)

Finally, we thought that Bwog commenters would like to know that researchers from Columbia and the University of Pittsburgh concluded that internet anonymity inflates our self-confidence and promotes aggression. (WSJ)

Just two people in a library via Wikimedia Commons