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Even if you’ve already voted via absentee ballot, you still need to keep up with all the Presidential Debate drama if you want to be in the know. “Horses and bayonets” is already the new “binders full of women.” (MSNBC)

It seems like new Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer could turn the failing tech giant around. If there is hope for Yahoo!, there is hope for us all. (Time)

The base fare for riding buses and subways is probably going up to $2.50. Don’t put off your dreams of riding every line in one day any longer. (NYT)

Mark Twain and Ellen Degeneres now share something more than their abiding love for all white outfits. Ellen is the most recent recipient of the Mark Twain Award for American Humor. (The Washington Post)

Mr. Twain and his kitty, Mr. Snuffles, via Wikimedia Commons