All things connect back to football

So, the second political debate went down last night. Hofstra University, the location of the town-hall style showdown, apparently cut their losses and swapped debate for football three years ago with tangible successes. (NBC, NYTimes)

Columbia’s football team may have an upcoming battle, but when it comes to endowment investment return, Columbia already fares well compared to the rest of the Ivy League for fiscal 2012. Roar, lion, roar, indeed. (Business Week)

Maybe Earth and an exoplanet around Alpha Centauri went to summer camp together once and switched places. In the longtime search for an “Earth Twin,” astronomers have concluded that our next-door neighbor joins the list of many stars which share qualities with our own dear home. (BBC)

Also out-of-this-world, Beyonce has confirmed that she will perform at Super Bowl XLVII. Expect the halftime show to seriously rival the fierceness of the February game. (USA Today)

Beyonce’s future venue via Wikimedia Commons