This, minus the grass

It’s that time of the year again. For a brief 48 hours, you go to a fantasy college where Butler is a football rival and not a cavernous den of midterm doom and “tailgating” is a thing. That’s right, it’s Homecoming weekend! And what better way to celebrate than with a special edition of DWB dedicated to alcohol consumption in the blissful daylight hours? In honor of this annual adventure up north to Baker (this is the only home game, right?), Bwog has put together a list of possible pre-games to get the school spirit juices flowing, and help you forget that Columbia hasn’t won a Homecoming game since 2000. 

The Bro Pre-game

Drink of Choice: Beer


  • Playing every known variation of beer pong
  • Calling Homecoming, “Christmas” and your mixer, a “darty”
  • Handing out tank tops with Greek letters in English words (GΘ TΣAM!)

Price: Fraternity/Sorority Dues ($500)  + Tank ($20) + Time spent at the gym so you look “swoll” in said tank

The Crammers Pre-game

Drink of Choice: Franzia


  • Printing out the lyrics to “Roar, Lion, Roar”
  • Quizzing each other on the rules to football
  • Finding Baker on a map

Price: Franzia ($18) + Getting closer to hitting your printing quota

The Classy Pre-game

Drink of Choice: Mimosa


  • Drunching at il Cibreo
  • Reveling at cups that are actually glass
  • Complaining about how “unlimited” really isn’t unlimited

Price: il Cibreo Unlimited* Mimosa Brunch ($11.90) + Uncomfortable shoes

*”Unlimited” apparently means five

The Not-So-Classy Pre-game

Drink/Food of Choice: Beer/Wings


  • Pounding beers and wings at Lion’s Head
  • Watching real college football
  • Realizing you consistently pay too much for beer and food

Price: [Beer ($1) + Wings ($0.25)] x ?? + Not making it to the game

The Thrifty Pre-game

Drink of Choice: Whatever you can find


  • Passing around a roadie on the fan bus,
  • Being first in line for free beers at Baker
  • Offering to finish that half of your hot dog

Price: Miscellaneous alcohol ($??) + Potentially looking homeless