Artists and dilettantes rejoice! Columbia Undergraduate Art Initiative is accepting artwork to be displayed on campus spaces such as John Jay Dining Hall and Lerner lobby (according to their Facebook profile). Not only are you getting a chance to let your ego run rampant display your artistic talent, but also to liven up the campus.

To submit your artwork, E-Mail with:

  • a picture of your artwork (or your hipster photograph),
  • your name
  • dimensions
  • title of the artwork
  • medium
The deadline is October 31st (Halloween), so remember to submit before you go out!
If you are not convinced, Bwog came up with an additional 3 reasons to submit:
  1. Your masterpiece will be studied by future generations of Art Hum students to come.
  2. You now have something magical to stare at after getting locked out in your towel.
  3. You will never suffer from low self-esteem again.